Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Retro Review: Ninja Gaiden NES

       While I'll be stating the obvious here, Ninja Gaiden is a brutally difficult game and on that note a most buy for anyone who loves to have their ass kicked for long periods of time. No current gen games can even compare to haw difficult and for that matter how fluid controlling Ryu feels. Surprisingly the NES pad is perfect for this game, it is a wonder how simple controls work in a lot of instances and how the industry went from just two buttons on a controller to well over four face buttons plus shoulder buttons. Anyway I digress this game controls flawlessly and the title character is the ultimate ninja warrior. Enemies come at you at break neck speeds and they never stop, often time trying to overwhelm the unprepared warrior but like most NES games you just pick up on the pattern and eventually you will get good at reading it.

   While this isn't the greatest looking NES game it is one of the better ones, I love the intro cut scene and the story of this one was actually fairly good compared to many other games in the systems line up. Overall this is definitely a must have for collectors and anyone looking for a challenge that they just won't find in the current gen. One last thing Gaiden 2 and 3 can be found on the NES but I had a hard time locating them, however the SNES has a Ninja Gaiden collection that has all three of them. Though prices for that cartridge are quite high but I'm sure you can find it cheap somewhere. 

Ninja Gaiden NES 8.5/10
+Great Fluidity 
+Ninja Badass Warrior
+Good variety in challenge
-Difficulty ramps up fast

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