Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Review

     I don't understand all the hate that this film has garnered from the main stream reviewers. Yes this film is a bit weak and at times it doesn't go far enough with its plot or action set pieces, but it isn't a terrible movie. Though this one won't be winning any Academy Awards and this is by far one of Timur Bekmambetov weakest movie's it is still a decent enough watch albeit I would wait for the DVD version. What this movie is in a nutshell is a re imagining of Lincolns life with Vampires thrown into the mix. This film I believe is based on a 2010 book of the same name. The story is a bit weak at times and his whole reason for freeing the slaves was in my opinion a little lacklustre it could have been far worse. While not being a big expert on Lincoln himself I thought the main actor Benjamin Walker portrayed the 16th President fairly well in this type of movie, lets remember this isn't a documentary this is simply a action vampire movie so as long as the actor can portray the character fairly well then its all golden.

     This movie screams Tim Burton albeit a lighter version of his older material (i.e Edward Scissor Hands), while the visual quality of the film is all right its this whole 3D push that really gets under my skin. Honestly I care not for it, its a waste of extra effort and the added cost of going to see a movie in it is not worth the ticket price. The score is forgettable, your typical horror fair not bad but not great by any means. Though what really gets me is how down played the action scenes are, especially if you compare it to lets say Wanted a movie directed by Bekmambetov a few short years ago. There just wasn't enough and in all honesty I wanted to see more.

     In the end I have to step back and look at if this movie entertained me, and while I have a lot of complaints about the direction of it and the lack of action I still walked away from this movie in good spirits. Would I watch it again possibly but this is one that doesn't deserve all the negativity it is getting.

+Vampires that don't Sparkle
+Vampires that don't Sparkle
-not enough action
-feels a little on the short side

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