Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

                           Does this tale really need to be restarted again? Find out in my review.

       When I heard they wanted to reboot the Spider-Man film franchise this early on in its infancy my eyes rolled a couple dozen times. Then I started thinking of the other big franchise, X-Men and I'm still waiting for them to announce the reboot of that line of films. But I digress this review is about The Amazing Spider-Man and not Sony's business model of late. Anyway this movie is a retelling of the origin story, so in short we have the weak Peter Parker being bullied by Flash then being bitten by the spider followed by the argument and subsequent death of Uncle Ben and ultimately creating Peter Parkers destiny as the wall crawler would entail. Now there are a few differences from this one and the one released all the way back in 2002; mainly Gwen Stacy is the love interest this time in keeping with the books, Peters parents factor into this movie a lot, and Curt Connors is the main bad guy this time.

    Introducing Gwen Stacy as Parkers first love interest was a good idea and it works in the movie, Emma Stone is great as the title love interest of Garfields Parker and to be fair their relationship is the highlight of this movie. The director has crafted a amazingly deep and believable love between the two and I was surprised by how it played out. Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben was good, better then the Uncle Ben in the 2002 film but his role in this movie is significantly subdued. Having Connors aka The Lizardman as the villain provided the director to show some a deeper story of the Spider-Man mythos, one that was completely left out of the original trilogy all together. Now it wasn't fleshed out in great detail (I guess thats what sequels are for) but it was a nice bonus. Overall the story was better then the 2002 film which is a good thing but not everything can be great.

   Honestly the action in this movie was kind of lacklustre for a super hero flick, it was handled much better in the 2002 film. While this is still somewhat entertaining and the final fight at the end is pretty good on its own the rest was just okay. Honestly the scenarios give a sense of deja vu, its as if we have seen these set pieces before. People new to the franchise will probably get a better amount of enjoyment from the action scenes but the felt kind of flat and in some ways ripped right out of any of the last Spider Man movies. The CGI is good and the sound design is on par with the others.

  I know it sounds like I'm hating on the movie but I did find it entertaining and it is a solid entry in the series, I just wish they would have held onto it for a few more years.

The Amazing Spider-Man 7/10
+Deep relationship between Parker and Stacy
+Pretty good Dialogue
-Action is a little flat

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