Thursday, March 1, 2012

Character Spotlight: Sakura Kasugano

Sakura Kasugano (春日野 さくら, Kasugano Sakura) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She is a Japanese schoolgirl who has an intense fascination with Ryu. She has managed to copy and learn some of Ryu's techniques, but really wants him to train her personally.


Sakura typically fights in her school's uniform, a short-skirted sailor fuku (seifuku) with the collar popped and red bloomers underneath. She also wears red Converse-esque shoes, a red top under her uniform, red boxing gloves, a yellow scarf tied in the front, and a white headband (given by Ryu before Street Fighter Alpha 2). She has short brown hair.


In all aspects, Sakura has a very typical teenage girl personality, as she is most of the time happy, energetic, cheerful, positive, hard-working and focused. She has a strong spirit and a very determined attitude in life, either in studies or in martial trainings. She sees Ryu as an idol, rather than an opponent, since she always watched him fight and mirrors herself on his lifestyle and philosophies. Although her techniques may seem somewhat "rustic" in comparison to Ryu's, she manages to balance her schoolgirl life with her daily trainings in order to be accepted as Ryu's pupil and prove herself by fighting worthy adversaries.

Sakura is my second favourite that I've been playing since Alpha. If she shows up in a fighting game she is one of the characters I swap out with my main. The last two pictures are a bit NSFW.

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