Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken: Character Rant (Possible Preview)

              This rant is all MY OWN OPINION, take it as such maybe Tekken x Street Fighter will be better or have these characters I'll talk about...probably not. I'm sure that this game will be fun, I am strictly just talking about rosters at this point. Follow the jump to read more.

            The other thing about SFxT is Yoshinori Ono, I met him once and he seemed like a all right guy but now with all these new capcom fighters in my opinion dropping the ball I think he is one big last boss level troll. Lets talk characters for example, the tekken side is fine no complaints there. But why in holy hell isn't some core teams in this game. I'll just list some here:

R.mika (possibility of being in game 50%) & Zangief
Sakura (just because she is in the vita doesn't mean she'll make a appearance on the console) & Karin (Ono hates Karin ie 0%)
Juni & Juli (Both 0% but even in Alpha three were the only characters to have special team moves when played as such)
Ibuki & Makoto (this flabbergasts me, its like Ono never played SF3)
Eagle & Ingrid (0%)

Now I'm fine with some of these teams and chars not being in this game but I have a list of chars that should have and should have made the roster.

Shouldn't have:
Rufus (Just because some tournament level people play him doesn't mean he deserves a spot, plus I thought this was one of the worst characters ever to appear in a street fighter game)
Dhalsim (honestly I would rather have E.Honda)
Balrog or Dudley (I don't mind these characters but in this case choose one or the other)
Cody & Guy (okay I understand capcom put in Hugo & Poison, but I have a feeling when both guys are released they'll over shadow this pair. Plus I've had enough of both chars)

Should Have (right off the bat):
R.Mika (do I even need to go any further into this)
Karin (because Capcom has shit on all or most of the alpha cast)
Maki (it's been how long since this fighter has been seen, I wouldn't be surprised if people forgot about her)
Eagle & Ingrid (in my opinion the most unique SF chars out there)
Sodom (Another unique character that will probably never get any more lovin)
Sean (I've like this character way more then Dan)
Juni & Juli ( I know these ladies are essentially cammy clones but more along the line as Ken is to Ryu and so on and so forth)
Charlie ( I'm sick of Guile)
Gill or Urien or Seth ( Any of these three would have been nice)
Gouken (Because a team with Akuma would be awesome)

                   I've said this countless times over but I feel like Capcom loves to forget some of the more awesome alpha characters or more unique ones, even the almost full unique cast of Street Fighter 3. Do not get me wrong I for the most part liked the characters in Street Fighter 4 expect for El Fuerte and Rufus those guys just annoyed me to no end. The only reason I like Arcade Edition of SF4 better then Super was Oni & Evil Ryu, not Yun and Yang. The fact that Oni was for all purposes a completely new character made the purchase of 5$ a little less painful. To be fair I don't think capcom will release more then six characters for each side as dlc, I don't think so but I do not have any solid info on that either. Maybe Capcom is shitting on the Alpha cast because they are making Alpha 4? Again probably not as the next fighter for them is probably going to be a Darkstalker's game, it would make sense but Capcom isn't known for matching any as of late.

                 Another thing I though would be a good idea to talk about is the Vita's roster of Twelve additional characters which are Elena, Cody, Guy, Sakura, Blanka, and Dudley for the SF side and Alisa, Christy, Lars, Jack, Bryan, and Lei. They haven't said any of these fighters would be dlc for the console versions, now do I believe that no but if those are the only characters coming as dlc then I am sorely disappointed with Capcom, even if this game is great and everything if the cast is not there then for me at least the long term playability will falter. Capcom always states that they would love fan support yet they tend to almost completely write off what the fans ask for. Maybe it's just my complete and utter faith in the Alpha serious (which is my favourite series of SF) but I cannot fathom why Mika/Karin/Charlie/Sean have yet to make an appearance in anything outside their respective games (and yes I know Karin was in Fighting Jam, but who really played that).

             Now I think I've cooled off for a little bit, I am picking this game up on the 6th (and Mass Effect 3). I do have high hopes for this game and I am sure it will be fun (for a while at least) and you will all have my review on it when I try it all out sometime during next week. For more info on the game to to the Wiki located HERE

Charlie Nash


Ingrids ASSetts 

Juli & Juni (Sorta NSFW) Shadowloo Dolls




R.MIKA is a Wrestler 

Karin & Sakura



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