Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Review

                  So I was gearing up for Mass Effect 3 next week and I decided to replay Mass Effect 2 for the PS3, so I could have a save game for the 3rd instalment. I also realised that I never really reviewed this game, so in light of ME 3's release I give you the review for Mass Effect 2 probably one of the best sequels in a series and possibly the best RPG of the last few years. Bear in mind I first played this game on the PC, and the only difference between the two is probably stability. What I mean is there are graphical bugs, sound dropping issues, a lot of the cut scenes have out of sync dialogue, and ridiculous load times. Though the core game play is still there and like before it still is fun to play around with the weapons and powers at your disposal. The action is fast paced and the missions are the right length as to not get too frustrating, enemies are generally smart even on the casual difficulty, even surviving the suicide mission in the end is easy if you just spend some extra time gaining the loyalty of your squad mates.

                In this outing Shepard was attacked and killed by the Collectors, resurrected by a terrorist group known as Cerberus and let loose on a quest to destroy the Collectors. In this sequel we are shown more of the Reapers, the main evil threatening to consume and destroy the galaxy. The only thing I don't like about the story is not really about the story but the PS3 version of the game, which makes certain choices from the first game. Like having Wrex get killed in the first, is the one that really bakes my buns. The story in the second one is far better then the first, for many reasons. Though the reason it is far greater is the addition of the Illusive Man, head of Cerberus and the man who brought you back from death. The characters who make up your squad are all unique and fun to interact with, each having their own quirks and problems. Lives that for one brief moment you get to interact with. By far my favourite character is and will always be Kasumi Goto, the master Thief/Ninja from Japan.
            If you want the full Mass Effect experience pick up ME3, and start from the first making your way through this epic series. Or don't it is up to you that's what free will gives us humans the ability of choosing what you want to do. Mass Effect 2 is a great piece of work and I am sure Mass Effect 3 will be just as great or better.


+Great Story
+Great Characters and diverse group
+Action fast and fluid
-PS3 version has stability issues with sound
-Loooooooooooooong loading times, at least a 1 minute plus

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