Monday, December 26, 2011

My Top 5 Video Games of 2011

Here is my list for what I think are the top 5 games of 2011, and remember this are all my own opinion so ready yourself for some epic gaming.

5. Little Big Planet 2
Say what you will about this sequel, yes it may be more of the same but that's just it now I loved the original and the second was way better with its campaign and tools to create an almost infinite amount of levels and sack boy's or girls.

4. Disgaea 4
You have to really be into jrpgs to appreciate a Disgaea game, or be insane enough to put the long hours needed to grind in this game. Either way Disgaea 4 represents the best in the series with beautiful hand drawn graphics a quirky storyline and some of the best and addicting rpg experience in a long while.

3. Portal 2
Valve has created some of my most favourite games ever, which includes Portal 2 the follow up to one of the best games  on the PC. Portal 2 not only brings back the addicting puzzle solving game play but adds in coop and much more hilarity then expected. 

Skyrim is the best single player rpg ever, from the combat to the story this game delivers everything right with nothing wrong. Deep character customization, beautiful vistas, and a great soundtrack make this the most have for Elder Scrolls fans and rpg fans.

Now as you can probably tell I am a rpg fanatic, I play almost all of them and I cannot get enough but there was one game that appealed to me the most and to boot it is a very well crafted and fun game currently being enjoyed by millions. Slated to dethrone a king that has long since been the staple of the genre I give you my number one game of 2011

1. Star Wars The Old Republic
Bioware has created the single best Star Wars experience ever, not to mention a mmo that feels fresh and is actually fun to play (sorry WoW I never really enjoyed playing you). The classes and characters are fun to play and no one class feels to over powered or under powered. This game makes you part of the story which is a breath of fresh air. Combat looks cool and while this game invents nothing really new it makes up for it with flashy combat, deep rich story, companions, and many staples of the genre. If you are a Star Wars fan you owe it to yourself to buy this game you will not be disappointed. As of me currently writing this I have a character for every class in the game. Though my main is a Sith Warrior Juggernaut, I like to fool around with the Republic Trooper. I play on the Whitebeam Run server and if you want to friend me then email or join me in game. 


  1. I own Disgaea 4 , it is a fun game but still trying to finish it.
    Gotta level up, up and up

  2. Portal 2 is listed as best PC game on web. I have brought this game on its released date and got thrilling experience. Although controls and levels are amazing and impressive.

  3. Wow really best list of video game. One of my friend said to me Star Wars The Old Republic is the best PC game. I already play it. But other list of game is really amazing, i never play other game, So thanks for provide this PC game.

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  4. video games and video games... The problem of the games are those stay crazy, where your head go out of the atmosphere on earth. Sometimes, our minds go out to moon!
    games not violence, not spaces and aliens, wars, etc, etc.