Monday, December 26, 2011

Video Game year in review 2011

This year should be known as the year of the sequel as many games that came were such. Now does that mean  creativity is dead, no it just means companies are cashing in on their fortunes.

Here are most of the big name sequels of this year:

Little Big Planet 2
Gears 3
Uncharted 3
Modern Warfare 3
Battlefield 3
Saints Row The Third
Batman Arkham City
Dues Ex: Human Revolutions
Dead Space 2

I'm sure you get the point, and I am in no way saying that anyone if these games is horrible but I am just pointing out a trend that seemed more so prevalent this year then past. Gaming in general has gotten better in the 20 or so years I have been part of it. Though for every MW3 you get ten terrible movie cash ins or games that just suck and this year we saw a lot of that. Well in truth we will always need terrible games to make the truly great ones be what they are. Now I collectively played less games this year then in the past due to University and other things taking up a lot of my time I have instead opted to play games that I know I can get enjoyment out of for months if not years. That's why I picked up Skyrim, Disgaea 4, and SWTOR because I know I can enjoy them for many months SWTOR especially. This year was a good year for gamers in general and while there is nothing I am really looking out for in the new year (with the exception of Mass Effect 3) I think the big gaming companies will continue to produce better and better products.

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