Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evangelion 1.11 + Evangelion 2.22 Review

Evangelion was the anime of the 90's and in my own opinion possibly the best series ever. That was then, the Evangelion movies are supposed to be summaries of that series with updated art. Evangelion 1.11 is a great movie and for those who missed out on the series this is a great start to the series. Evangelion 2.22 is the direct sequel but introduces new plot and characters which is a good thing.
Evangelion 1.11 is what a great anime movie should be, from the art design to the plot this is the perfect anime movie. Better then 90% of the garbage that has been coming out for the longest time. Evangelion's story was always confusing but this first part of the series is a good start for beginners who never saw the original series and who just picked it up. Now I will not spoil anything story wise because I feel that these movies need to be experienced by the viewer. The characters in this movie are very much like their original counter parts and that's a good thing. Shinji is still a coward sort of, Rei is Rei, and the rest of the cast fall into place. The music is great and it adds to the feeling of depression that this world and its people have had to endure for the longest time. This movie looks stunning on a HD tv and the art is fresh and clean.

Evangelion 2.22 is where the series diverts but keeps the same feel as the first. In this part they introduce Asuka and a new character Mari who adds another element to the series and to be honest she feels like a great addition to the series. Don't get me wrong the first part is a masterpiece and this one is better then the last. The plot in this one is sort of split in two, let me explain. You have the original series featuring Shinji, Rei, and Asuka. Then you have another huge arc with Mari who wasn't in the original series, she has her own agenda and mission and very often she interacts and progresses with the original plot which works very well. This one however changes some of the characters and situations around, I won't say what but for long time fans it could be a little shocking but it works out in the end and it actually makes better sense to the plot then how the original did it. Music in this one is beautiful and the art is spectacular and needs to be viewed on a HD screen.


These are the best anime movies to come out of Japan in some time (excluding classics of course) and show how this is another form of art that can't be seen in any recent shows. Be warned that as the series progress' like the original the plot can be confusing if you don't pay attention or understand the context. But for those who understand and follow this is a rewarding show to watch. Evangelion 3.33 will be released in Japan next fall and an american release probably the following year.

Evangelion 1.11   10/10
Evangelion 2.22   10/10

+Great Story
+Interesting Characters
+Beautiful Art
-Very Heavy Story


  1. Hey Michael! Guessing this is your first blog post?! :) Good stuff. 5/5

  2. absolutely true, that evangelion best ever anime series at 90's that makes me purchase Shinji Ikari character at PIJ. Though i had completely seen the whole series but i will review those series at your copy, honestly i can't get over with it.