Saturday, September 24, 2011

JN252: Youtube Storytelling

Chronologically Confused about Movie and Video Game Sequels -
So it may seem weird that a video like this speaks too me, you have to watch it to understand but be warned there is a lot of swearing. In all honesty though he tells an interesting and compelling story that few know about or are a shamed to think otherwise. He presents this story very well and while the title of the video pretty much sums up the content he provides a very good story on top of it. Bringing in his personal view points and ones that many other fan's or viewers may have had. Now when you talk about what may be the under pining of this story, you need to look at the video as a whole and then you'll come to understand what his real gripe with sequels is. The points he makes are very relate able and make you question reasoning's for asinine choices that these companies make with how they name their franchise parts. Now whether he is acting up for the camera or he is genuinely intrigued about this topic this story I would assume can have deeper meanings if you go searching for it. Though I have watched in many times and I have yet to discover its hidden feelings, but they're there under all that anger. Though what he really is trying to get at is why and how companies change and distort things between various releases of movies and video games throughout the world. Or why sequel naming and or numbering is terrible or misleading. He does in a way grab you for the whole video and makes you want to understand the situation or he has turned you off by now with all his potty language, either way he has made you feel something.

My personal favourite moment in this piece is when he talks about the Final Fantasy series, as sort of his own personal wake up call. You can tell that at that moment in time he started to get intrigued with this whole situation. Though as a viewer if you had not been intrigued already chances are this stage of the video isn't going to do it for you sadly. They way he presents the video works well in this context, he always has what he is talking about on the screen and while you'll never see him in the video he keeps pace and the subject up for review is know throughout the whole video. While I am usually against still and moving picture in a single video I think it works well and conveys a visual understanding of what he is trying to explain to the viewers. Since for the most part you are stuck with his voice over he makes it very compelling. There is a lot of emotion throughout this whole script. A lot of strong negative emotion is here but it helps to convey the anger and confusion one would get if this is a strong topic for the viewer. It is important to note that through his anger and confusion you can almost find a new sense of understanding of the material presented, what a mean is even though it is a rant of sorts he presents the information in a down to earth and enlightening way that I believe couldn't be done with any other tone.

When you sit down and watch this video a few times you realise he starts with the longest series first and then gradually gets to the smaller less known series. He starts of with video games and ends with the movies. By presenting it this way he creates a nice flow without jumping around too much. At the same time he never bombards the audience with too much information, but keeps it in small bite sized bits as too not lose the viewers attention and it works very well. Of course his channel is a youtube one where he knows he can gain an audience which he has. All his videos since this one are geared toward this type of culture and seeing something like this is refreshing, compared to all the crap thats on youtube nowadays.

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