Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pokemon White Preview (despite what you see)

So like the title says this will be a preview since I have now way of playing this game. I pre-order a 3DS and that's coming on March 27th so i will have a review of the 3DS then and this game a little bit after.

So Pokemon White/Black is the first game in the fifth generation of pokemon. For fans of the others this game will be familiar and new at the same time. With the addition of triple teams, pokemon in motion, and new graphic capabilities of the game this is a treat to old school pokemon fans and returning gamers who's last go with this game was with Red/Blue. So far this game has gotten great reviews from all the big gaming sites (and everyone else) and that probably not change when I go through it. This works out because March tends to be a busy month for me, final projects and exam preparation are in store for this university student. So I wait with bated breath for the 3DS and my chance to play this game.

What version will you get?

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