Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pokemon White Review

So with my incredible luck I picked up a cheap DSi and started to catch'em all, and after a few hours I think it's safe to conduct a review. Now the premise is the same as the last games and to old players it's a great system, for newer players it isn't difficult to learn the basics and how each elemental type effect each other in a rock-paper-scissors play style. As opposed to the older titles this game makes you play with 150 all new pokemon (beat the game and you can capture the other 500 or so) and for the most part they are enjoyable to look at. It is possible however to see where some of the designs of these pokemon had been influenced by older ones.

The game play is nothing new but it feels tighter and more intune then some of the older titles. The new perspectives and look of the game are cool with each city popping out as the camera zooms out for a nice look of the cities skyline. Nothing is more evident then when you walk acroos your first suspension bridge in the game. Nearing the end of the DS era this game is a good send off for this generation of the DS. The music is alright but can get a little annoying after prolonged periods of time. What is exceptional is the sounds the pokemon make when they get hit, faint, are about to faint, or use a move. These little nuances add a nice touch to the game. Each pokemon is fully animated in battle and it's better then just watching them stand there lifeless, now they have somewhat of a life.

The story while not being anything exceptional is the best out of all the games and provides a social commentary of a well known activist group which is kinda funny when you realize who they are parodying.  Though the younger players won't get it or care for it but for me and some of the older players its kinda of funny to see this game try and dig into a deeper meaning. Again its nothing to write home about as the real drive is the game after the game. I haven't got that far yet but what I have been told it opens up the national pokedex so you can capture the 600+ pokemon that are out there. With the DSi's online capabilities battling and trading pokemon over the internet is fast and makes a better solution then finding poke fans in your own neck of the woods. Connections vary depending on the obvious but I haven't found any lag problems yet.

 So for a returning pokemon player (Red+Blue) this is a nice updated to those games and for anyone who is continuing to follow this series this is a good stepping stone for the possible pokemon games on the 3DS.

Game 4/5
Visual 4/5
Audio 4/5
Multiplayer 5/5
Lasting Appeal 4/5 (the only reason this won't get a five is there will be another one in a year)
Overall 4.2/5


  1. I'm completely saddened by the fact that the pokemon during the battle sequence are pixilated. I mean, with the power of the DS they are still using Gameboy Color graphics? Really?