Friday, March 25, 2011

I Saw The Devil Review

Well to put it simply this movie is a good crime thriller on the same level as Se7en, and you could even say that its the Korean version of that film. This movie is not for the squeamish it is bloody, it is violent, it is disgusting, it is many things and for the most part is is a good example of how a cat and mouse type of crime movie should be done. Like the Vengeance trilogy there are some common themes found in the movies and that theme is pretty obvious but for the uninitiated it is "Revenge" and what it does to ones self. Now I will not spoil the plot of the movie because it is something that needs to be experience without anyone else messing up the plot. Well lets just say bad guy A kills good/bad guy's A fiance and the plot takes off from there. Anyway the cinematography is great all the scenes are visually stimulating and provide a good backdrop for the actors to work from. The audio is great the music set a dark tone and is a great compliment to the feel of the film. The action set pieces are quite outstanding and some of the fight scenes are masterfully enacted by the cast and provide some great filler for the more dramatic tone of the film. There are flaws with the film however but they are few and far between, some of the scenes feel forced while others feel almost too short. For instance some of the torture scene's feel a little too long. I'll put this into perspective, I am not really a squeamish person but one scene in particular had me a bit off. So in conclusion this is a good film and deserves to be by the likes of other good Korean revenge movies.

Movie 4/5

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