Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles Review

A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles.With Aaron Eckhart at the lead will this move push back the invasion or succumb to it who knows but here's the review.

Now lets get this out of the way, I like Aaron Eckhart as an actor (Thank You for Smoking was one of my favourite movie with him) he's had some great roles Thank You and Dark Knight and some bad roles Core and Paycheck. While the rest of the cast is fine Michelle Rodriguez and Ramon Rodriguez as the 2nd Lt. William Martinez are perhaps the strongest of the cast but really who cares you come to a movie like this for one thing and one thing only, ALIEN ASSKICKING. Now as any movie like this goes aliens show up kill almost everybody and are on the verge of victory but get thwarted at the end by a band of ultra brave soldiers who never give up and never surrender. That pretty much sums the movie in a nut shell and while it won't win any oscars for acting, screen play, or anything for that matter it still is enjoyable for what it is. The aliens themselves look alright, much better then Independence day or Signs that is for sure they are lacking in that scary alien factor looking more like the machines for the Terminator movies then actual aliens their purpose still pays off. The action is pretty good explosions are plentiful and cool and the ending set piece is a pretty cool last stand that ventures into "I saw that coming" terms. Which is understandable who wants to see a movie where the aliens win cough Pocahontas (they were aliens after all) any forget about that fudgery. Anyway the movie is enjoyable enough that it doesn't make you regret the money you spent seeing it so go check it out.

Movie 3.5/5

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