Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Review

So after playing the first game I wanted the sequel to be BIGGER and better then the awesomesauce of the first one. Now since this game has only been out for a week I won't have any spoilers in this review, I myself have only completed one run through and am currently on overtime which is weird but good at the same time.

So most of the issue's from the first game have been addressed, even the save system has been updated but is still lacking something (auto save). Chuck handles well and his movements feel lighter then Franks but he doesn't have Franks awesome grappling moves. To say that there was a lot of weapons in the last game was a fair statement but to say that in this game is a understatement. Mixed in with all the weapons from the first and new weapons (spears, tomahawks, Bows, etc) are the series first combo weapons. Now these combo weapons are extremely effective and powerful, as well as being awesome to witness some of the gruesome fatalities that these weapons produce. Vehicles handle better in this game and the inclusion of customizable motocross bikes is a good and fun side trip to take. The A.I on the zombies is good, mob mentality is in top form and they pounce unexpectedly when you are not ready. The Survivor A.I is better then the first and they can be quite enjoyable to kill zombies with. The psychopath A.I is by far the strongest in the game, these guys serve as mini boss' and can provide quite a challenge. Now a lot of people have complained that the time limit is not fair it hinders exploring and it is useless and stuff like that. I say nay, I like the time limit it gives a sense of dread especially if your trying for the A or S endings. This game is meant to be played multiple times to achieve every ending possible. Co-op was fun when I was able to play with some people, but I found it hard to find anybody online who would let me join their game. Multiplayer is fun and being able to cash out the money you win into your single player account is great and it helps when you have to buy Zombrex (its freakin expensive). In conclusion this is a must buy for fans of the first and fans of any Zombie game or movie.

Game 5/5
Visual 5/5
Audio 4/5
Multiplayer 4/5

Overall 4.5/5

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