Tuesday, October 19, 2010

8th Annual 2010 Toronto Zombie Walk Teaser

Okay people its almost time for the annual Toronto Zombie walk, this event has been piking up steam since it started eight years ago. This year the walk starts at Trinity Bellwood Park and ends at the Christie Pits park, its a 30 minute walk nothing special but when you have a horde of shambling undead it could take awhile to walk. Last year the turnout for the walk was about 6000, this year they hope to break that record this year. The walk is on Saturday October 23, 3:00pm at Trinity Bellwood park registration is required at Toronto Zombie Walk it only takes three seconds so give it a shot. I will be covering this event so for anyone that misses it I will have pictures and videos from that day on my flickr and youtube accounts, links are provided on my main page for your convenience.

Here is a link to my intro for the walk hope you enjoy:8th Annual Toronto Zombie Walk Intro

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