Sunday, September 12, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Review

So Resident Evil Afterlife is a lot of things and none of them are bad like a few reviews have said. Let me get this out of the way first, this RE movie is one for the people who played the games especially the newest Resident Evil. Spoiler's are rampant throughout so read with caution.

With that out of the way let me tell you fine readers what is good and what is not so good about the film. The action, when there is some is very good and it moves at a good pace and never feels slow or dragged out. This being a 3D movie gives the film some depth but I found that it doesn't take or give anything too the film which is okay but nowadays every director and their mothers uses 3D. If you don't believe me then here is a list of the new 3D movies coming out in the year(3D Movie list). The music for the movie is fine, some set pieces could have been better but nevertheless they still work and fit the pace of most of the scenes. The acting is laughable but really who cares, you want action and thrills not dialogue which there is a hefty amount in the film. On that note there are scenes that feel tacked on and when the dialogue is laughable at best these scenes feel "tacked" on and in my opinion take away from the overall RE experience. The main cast is pretty good, Mila is great as ass kicking Alice and Ali Larter is pretty good as Claire Redfield. Chris redfield on the other hand played by Wentworth Miller is fine but if you remember the character from the fifth game he is severely less awesome and jacked in this movie. Albert Wesker played by Shawn Roberts is Mr. Smith like which is evident right from the first awesome scene and I didn't find him that bad as Albert but he wasn't as bad ass as in the fifth game. Sienna Guillory from Resident Evil: Apocalypse reprises her role a Jill Valentine but only in a cameo which is still cool. She was the closest character in the movie that actually resembled the character perfectly from the fifth game from the body suit to the way Jill acted in the fifth game. The plot is very simple but it gets the job done, I found that the opening scene was Uber cool and the rest of the movie tried to live up to the first scene which is almost did, but was entirely its own thing. The movie did have almost all the monsters from the game as opposed to the other movies. Which included the Executioner, Las plagas Zombies, and split headed dogs which were gross and awesome at the same time. 

I did like the movie and I suggest any fan of the games should watch the movie and instead of comparing it to the games see it as another chapter that is independent to the games. This is after all the most successful video game film franchise.
Movie B
3D B
Score C
Acting C

Overall C+

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  1. Is it really the most successful video game film franchise ? i didn't know that. always suspected it would be Blizzard.