Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quick Recap of the Weekend

So this past weekend was Fanexpo in Toronto and it was the bomb. As I write this I'm so tired and my feet are sore but it was well worth it and despite the long lines and lack of uniformity it was a very good convention. I have a ton of pics that need to be cleaned up but no worries all will be up on my Flickr account for your viewing pleasure I'm sure. A few things that were noteworthy on Saturday they closed the convention center so no one could get in....or out. So you can imagine how the mood was for that day. Friday was pretty good considering they had been late in letting us in and on the information they had given us. Today (Sunday) was good  I had no complaints but towards the end it got kinda of chaotic (still managed to get lots of great pics). My only complaint was that the masquerade was terrible and only a few costumes were good.

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