Friday, July 23, 2010

Noel Vermillion Petite Nendriod Review

I like to start by saying that one of the only reason's I bought the Japanese limited edition of BlazBlu Continuum Shift was for this figure. The game is great don't get me wrong but being a limited edition this figure was a must get or die for me.

Now I would have liked to see this figure as a regular sized nendroid but I understand how that would effect the packaging of the product. Okay enough of my bantering and on with the review.

The sculpting of this figure like many Good Smile figures is top notch. For a small figure there are loads of details on her. Much better then some bigger figures I have. You can tell that Good Smile takes pride in their figure creations.


As with the sculpting the painting is also well done all the colors match her in game colors and I like how the paint is a lighter shade. Though I did notice here beret was a lighter blue but it doesn't take away from the figure.


The posing for this model goes back to a lot of the older nendriod figures where only the arms and legs move two ways and the head turns. This is to be expected, beacuse lets face it this is no figma. If I pose her its usually with her arms to the sides, it makes her look more moe.


The base is just your plain Jane plastic bottom with an attachable arm to hold Noel in place. nough said.


The packaging to me was cool because I was expecting it to just be loose in the game box. It is a picture of Noel on pretty much every side of the box with the typical Japanese writing all over it. The best part of the box is when you open the last two flaps petite noel is beside another charcter of the game. This character has not been released as a petite nendroid but who knows what the future may hold.


I am and are currently getting much enjoyment out of this figure becuase I am one of the lucky couple hundred who own it.


Overall 9.2/10
As usual you can see more pics of her at my Flickr account: KajiKingStarzky

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