Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dead Risng 2 why so long away? I need it NOW

 So Dead Rising 2 is coming out soon and I have no idea which Zombrex edition I want to preorder I have a 360 and the PS3 but it all comes down to do I want the Dead Rising movie or not. The first picture is of the 360 version which includes the movie. The second picture is of the PS3 version which is movie less but contains everything that the 360 version has. So I'm split in two but I am leaning more towards the PS3 version becuase its main main machine. I would not be surprised if Sony gives the PS3 the movie because we all know that the 360 is getting Case Zero which is a full game and prequel to Dead Rising 2. Anyway you my faithful readers will get a review of the game when it comes out.

Case Zero will be out in August 31, 2010
Dead Rising 2 will be out in September 28, 2010

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