Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Samurai 7 Complete Series Blu-Ray Review

So today I've decided to do a review of one of my favorite anime series Samurai 7. I've had this series on Blu-Ray for a long time but recently I had the thought to do a review because frankly this series is one of the better samurai animes in the last few years.

So this anime series is based off of Akira Kurosawa's epic, and in respect this series does well as a modern retelling of that story with a futuristic twist. Kanna is a small village in Japan that harvest's rice and every year bandits come and take the rice as payment so they won't destroy the village. The elder of the village decides that they've had enough of the bandits and they send their water priestess to look for samurai. She finds the seven samurai and together they train the villagers on fighting tactics and defensive tactics. With the help of the samurai the villagers defeat the bandits. Now I'm not going to ruin anything else but the first half of the series is spent looking for the samurai and each of them are fleshed out and are characters that you want to watch. The last few episodes seemed to be rushed but lend to the overall impact of the story and is a fitting end to the series.                                                                                             

While most anime on Blu-Ray don't look that much better then their dvd counter this series is significantly better then how it looks on dvd or t.v. The music for the series is subtle and provides a few good set pieces for battles and general calm scenes in the movie. The music is a representation of what music was used in older samurai movies but upgraded with a futuristic tone, meaning there was a lot more techno in the soundtrack then in the old Kurosawa movies.

Unfortunatly, there are almost no special features include with the exceptions of a few trailers which for the price this Blu-ray was is not enough. That seem's to be the case with all the anime series coming to Blu-Ray and I hope they change this trend soon.

Movie 4/5
Video 4/5
Music 5/5
Extras 1/5
Overall 3.5/5

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