Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zombies are a comin watch your back people!

So I'm sitting at my desk trying to think of whats more important to do at this minute update my blog or read Lysistraia (I have five pages left) and well you can guess what I picked. Anyway back to my actual topic I like zombie movies being brought up on them I have an affiliation to them. When they're done well (Dawn of the dead 1978) they can be great but when they are done poorly (Automation Transfusion) they are so bad it ends up being 1h 30mins of bad acting and crappy gore. In Dawn of the Deads case it melded social commentaries of the time (racism and segregation) with great acting and a good story, it was pure (Zombie) gold. Now in this day and age the Zombie sub-genre has been so watered down all that's left are movies with extreme gore and no story. Most are a waste of time (trust me I would know) and some are so bad you feel like finding the person who is responsible for making this steaming pile of crap and kicking them in the face. In the last nine years only a handful of zombie movies have been good. They are Dawn of the dead remake (2004), 28 Days Later, and Shaun of the Dead. Now I am hoping that Zombieland will be a great movie, sure its a comedy with zombies but if its anything even remotely close to Shaun of the Dead then its good in my books. Til next time my fellow zombies I bid adieu.

P.S. Zombieland comes out Oct 2,2009