Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alexisonfire and Vicious Cycle Concert Review

Okay so Friday September 18 Alexisonfire and their opening band Vicious Cycle had a concert at Turrent night club at Laurier Waterloo's campus. Now I have too admit that I'm not really a fan of Alexisonfire or Vicious Cycle (for that matter)  but when I heard that the tickets would only be $35 I jumped at them. With that in mind Vicious Cycle the opening band sounds like a more darker version of Alexisonfire but with less direction in the songs and a weaker stage presence but thats okay because they're relativly new so they'll have time to redefine their sound. Alexisonfire (for me at least) sounds a lot better live then on their CD's almost like KISS but with weaker vocals and no 10 ft tongue (thank gosh!). I hate bashing bands and actors but it must be done sometimes I have found that almost every album Alexisonfire puts out sounds almost identical to the last one. Their latest CD Old Crows/ Young Cardinals is a lot stronger then Crisis and when they sang their songs from their latest CD they actually sounded pretty good. Thanks for reading my review

p.s. I'm going back to sleep since its 9:25am and I got back at 2

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