Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Legend of the cheap grocery shopper

Okay so today I went to go buy some groceries for me and my roommates. So I start getting stuff for under $1 and I feel pretty good about my situation BUT I got to pay for all my stuff and the bill was $35.50! Needless to say I had a mini heart attack and almost fainted. But seeing my  pride already go down the tubes I decided to fork out the money and be on my way. Just thought I would let you guys know that useless information until next time see ya!

p.s. Being cheap is not a sickness its a life style


  1. Aha, grocery shopping sucks.
    My roommate and I went last Tuesday, and the bill ended up being over $100. She paid $50 and I offered to pay for the rest. Unfortunately, everytime I tried to pay (for ANY amount, even like $10) my card was declined. It was so embarrassing. Turns out I had no money on my card.. I felt so bad!