Monday, February 3, 2014

Paranormal Activity: The Marked One's Movie Review

Just Die Already....

           I know I said I was back a few months ago, but it seems harder to commit the time or willingness to work on this blog. Its not that I don't like writing on here, I do but the last year hasn't really been kind to me but I digress lets get into this awful movie in a franchise that should have never been born. 

            I know that there are die hard fans of this series, they all say how original it is and how it pushes horror into new territory. I am not one of those people, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is a tired film from a long strained franchise I will admit the first was was decent but the continuous sequels and uninspired plot line makes all these movies essentially the same no matter how often you switch your cast out or number your sequels. This borefest takes place in L.A. and follows a newly graduated teen Jesse as he transforms from happy go lucky adolescence to demoniacally possessed little shit. This film was supposed to be a departure and a tie in to the whole franchise and it does it in a very stupid way, so stupid in fact you would think they just asked one of their rabid fans to construct this plot. The story is the exact same as the other movies, minus that katie girl and in my opinion its way better. Katie Featherston who plays Katie is a terrible main lead and is partly the reason why I couldn't stand the other movies. Andrew Jacobs is slightly better as Jesse but his performance is way beyond flat.

         The jump scares are obvious and don't work, the conclusion is lacklustre to say the least and the movie on a whole just feels put together for the sake of tiding fans over till they release 5. This movie and all movies who use found footage in a bad way are hurting the genre. These films are garbage and stale, hopefully after 5 the franchise ends.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones 2/10
+ No Katie for the majority of the film
- Poor Acting
- Weak Script
- Obvious Jump Scares
- Unoriginal

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  1. Pretty short review, but I'm glad you're back in business!