Thursday, November 28, 2013


How Long Has it Been?

              I am back using this blog, I will post reviews here once again as well as reviving a few of my other weekly posts. Though I am shopping around for a better blogging service I will stay here for at least the coming months. If you want to know more or just interested in what I have to say then follow me on twitter it's the best place to stay connected and up to date with my stuff.

These are the reviews I have planned out and are ready to go:


Gundam Breaker (Vita)
Akiba Strip 2 (Vita)
DOA 5+ (Vita)
State of Decay (PC)
Rogue Legacy (PC)


Oldboy (2013)
Hunger Games Catching Fire 
Pacific Rim


Akira 25th Anniversary 

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  1. Yay! Welcome back! Glad you picked it up again. Can't wait to see your reviews! <3