Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Breakers Movie Review


         I usually would never start a review with that word but man this movie is a bloody disaster. Not only does nothing happen in this movie, nothing makes sense and is a completely soulless POS. I can't believe James France actually took the time to be in this movie, sure his character was completely different then what he usually plays in fact every time you see his character come up you feel a bit uncomfortable its weird. The girls are all forgettable and equally stupid, Gomez leaves just as fast as she shows up so her character is a bust and the others are just so stupid it defies logic. Not to mention that the same scene plays at least seven or eight times during the movie, it would be okay if it made sense to do it but it seems this movie is all out of it. Anyway I can't write anything more about this horrid refuse of a movie, I've seen better home made movies on AFV even the amount of bare breasts at the beginning aren't enough to save this train wreck.

Spring Breakers: 1/10
-The whole movie
-Selena Gomez

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