Friday, April 5, 2013

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Review

Surprisingly Solid

         Remakes tend to be watered down quick cash ins with no soul, but the new Evil Dead re-imagining is actually good a fine piece of what horror should be and what most movies in this genre are not. It's not so much a remake because other then a few key things from the first movie this one is a bit different. Gone is Bruce Campbells Ash and instead you have a drug addict Mia who is forced by her friends and long lost brother to kick the habit so they go up to their grandparents Cabin in the Woods and start her treatment. What follows is 1hr30 of bloody practical carnage and cringe inducing moments. I only say cringe inducing because the audience seemed to get really unsettled when something horrifying happened, me not so much I'm pretty much desensitised to this genre but to be fair the few gory scenes are pretty extreme so heads up. I like that the director utilises practical effects as opposed to the industry loved CGI, especially in horror movies practical effects can look great, this movie is a example of how great the practical stuff really is. The actors that appear in this film give fairly good performances (though Bruce Campbell has by far the best performance, Hail to the King Baby!) I didn't particularly like Mia as a character or the actress that played her but she played the part well and I have nothing against her.  Now as much as I  like this film there are a few things that to me feel off. While the director uses the whole chasing camera from the original it doesn't at least for me work as well in this piece. The Necronomicon in this movie isn't as iconic as the one in the original series, I mean it still looks revolting but it doesn't give off that you will die if you read this like the original had. Maybe its just me but since I love the original trilogy so much (Army of Darkness is my favourite) I just don't have the same connection to this film as I had to the original something seems off and I can't quite pinpoint what it is. Its not enough to drop the score but I'm sure if they make a sequel I will still feel the same way who knows. 

        Anyway Evil Dead is a re imagining of one of the most beloved cult classics of all time and unlike other remakes it works well and presents a movie that is both a homage and a good possible starting point for a new series.

Evil Dead: 8/10
+Great Practical Effects
+Good Atmosphere
+Honours the source material
-to me the atmosphere isn't there yet 

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