Saturday, September 1, 2012

The State of the 3DS

Oh look a new bigger system, but still no killer games

      Look at first I really really like the 3DS, it had some nifty features and had some great fighting games (DOA and SF4) but its been over a year since the thing launched and we still have no killer games for it. Now before you start talking about Kingdom Hearts, that rythm based Final Fantasy game, and a bunch of old games being re-released in 3D there isn't really anything worth getting. Megaman Legends 3 would have probably been a good game if it wasn't cancelled. Instead of good games we got another version of the system, oh and did I mention the fact that the 3DS is region locked. So even if I wanted to play some of the good games from Japan (lets say Senran Kagura) we can't. Now seeing as the DS was region free this seems to be a stupid move and yet I think I know why even though it is a stupid reason. 

   Though for all the nagging I have about it I still think in time it will have some great games, and maybe some of the better ones from Japan will get localized. The fact that the games created for the system look surprisingly good (even if the games themselves suck) means that some of the developers are finally getting the hang of the 3DS' power. Personally I still don't think it is worth picking up till a better library of games is present, I would say wait another 6 months or get a Japanese 3DS but remember that you can't play North American 3DS games on it.

  On another note I have the same thought on the Vita, it doesn't have any killer games and the price is still to high. Its always good to play the waiting game with systems, I have been doing it for a while. I got to excited with the 3DS and jumped to soon. Don't get me wrong it is still a good strong system but the library still isn't there yet.

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