Friday, August 31, 2012

Pokemon Rumble Blast 3DS Review

Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Dynasty Warriors? Well if you do then continue reading
       Pokemon is a franchise I have grown up with from watching the original show to collecting the cards/toys and playing each iteration of the long running rpg series. From what I can tell Pokemon Rumble came out as a digital download a few years back and apparently it was a big enough success that it warranted a full retail sequel. Now many pokemon fans have asked for a game that was designed solely for the 3DS and what they got was probably not what they wanted. Rumble Blast is not a bad game, it reminded me a lot of Dynasty Warriors (without the cheesy English dub and warring states period) and for me that was a good thing. I enjoyed those games even though they lacked content, beating millions of enemies senseless was a fun way to kill some time.

      What you are tasked with doing is finding and collecting all the pokemon toys (which in this game is over 600) and while there is some story mode about finding glowing crystals I couldn't care much for it. Basically Rumble Blast boils down to you going through stages beating up waves of different pokemon until you get to a over sized boss rinse and repeat. Thankfully the stages don't take too long and you'll always find pokemon of equal strength when you run through said areas. Pokemon also have the ability to have two moves set up to the B and A buttons, you'll now all these moves as they are in all of the main games and it doesn't hurt that they at times look cool.

     The models themselves also look fairly good and the 3D is by far better then most of the games I have already played for the system but since I turn it off most of the time it doesn't make a big difference. The music is bland, but the pokemon sounds are nice. I think what this comes down to is a lack of things to do, there could have easily been a whole heap of stuff to do but I guess Nintendo wanted at least one pokemon game made for the 3DS I just don't think this was the right choice. I think that most spin off pokemon games suffer from either a lack of originality or cashing in on a quick buck. The exception to this is probably Pokemon Conquest which is by far my favourite (gasp) pokemon game to date, though I wish it had all 600+ pocket monsters.

    Rumble Blast is a good way to kill sometime and nothing more, it is fun but for hardcore pokemaniacs it is not enough to sedate their hunger.

Pokemon Rumble Blast: 6/10
+Pokemon Beat'em up game
-to easy
-not enough content or variety

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