Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seikon no Qwaser Review

   Is what you'll find a lot of in this anime, oh and a bunch of sucking to and not in a bad way (in a ecchi way of course). Seikon no Qwaser is at its core a harem, breast sucking, ecchi action/comedy show. If you are offended by anyone of those combinations then by god way are you reading this. So the gist of this show is that there are bad guys wanting the best and greatest power on the planet, Soma (breast milk from women). The bigger the breasts the better and Oribe's childhood friend Tomo has the biggest and best in town nay the world.
What this show boils down to is some light plot-fights-breast sucking-heavy plot/breast sucking mix-heavy fight-I just came (not really). This is by far the ecchiest of anime, they hold nothing back which means you'll get 25 episodes of floppy boobies, sucking, fondling, BDSM, growth (someone gets a bigger bust). So if you like tits then this maybe the godliest anime for you. On that note while the story may be lacking (not in the breasts department mind you), the characters are actually fairly well handled. Though we have seen these tropes before though most of these characters actually have some significance to the plot. Though I have to say that crazy/sadistic loli who may or may not be a bad guy was pretty entertaining to watch. The art looks pretty good to, with a lot of colours that blend well with each other.

Overall like most ecchi shows this will only appeal to a niche audience. While not being a triple a title it still is a fairly good watch, you know if your into a obscene amount of tits. Some much boobage that you'll feel like you've been slapped upside the head with some of these tits by the end of the show.

Seikon no Qwaser: 7/10
+Red hair characters are always a plus in my books

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