Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Retro Review; Super Mario Bros

Still one of the best games ever made

     There really is something to be said about this game, whatever your stance is on the company of Nintendo as of late and their cheap hardware and terrible games they create a game so good that if compared to current gen games this one blows them away. Super Mario Bros is on of the systems best, great game play, visuals, and sound design. The premise is simple, Princess Peach has been taken by Bowser and as the universes greatest Italian and Plumber Mario it is your mission to rescue her and hope for a nice added bonus at the end (I kid you of course). All you really need to know is the A button which allows you to jump, avoid the pit falls and piranha plants, stomp the goombas and koopas. Smash the bricks with your head like a boss and collect that gold cheddar.

   This game is a classic and everyone should at least try it once in their lives. Sure the NES had a ton of terrible games on its system, but it also had more hits that any of the newer generations have ever had. Super Mario Bros is on of them, try it if you haven't and trust me you will be amazed at how much you enjoy it.


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