Thursday, June 28, 2012

Retro Review: Raiden Trad

One of the Best Scrolling Shooters

      This game is simply great, but it gets difficult very fast. Though that can be expected, this is a scrolling shooter game possibly one of the best in its genre. This was released on the Genesis too but this release in my opinion has superior sound and visual quality. It also feels a little bit faster on the SNES but since I've yet to find a copy for the Genesis again. Though if you love playing the current scrolling shooters and find the difficulty to be brutal yet satisfying this game can get to those levels but its nowhere near as hard as any of the Touhou games. Keeping that aside Raiden Trad is a great shooter a most for SNES collectors and scolling shooter fans. The controllers feel great and precise, I had to buy a new SNES controller and for some reason the d-pad is extremely tight though thats not really the fault of the game I'm just saying that it still runs smooth with a tightened d-pad. Anyway now that everyone is thoroughly confused I have just this last thing to say. Raiden Trad is a great looking, sounding, and playing game. If you like 1942 or 1943 on the NES or R-Type for the SNES then Raiden Trad is for you. Though I'm sure most people who play this genre of games already knows that, you can find Raiden Trad for a fairly good price if you know where to look.

+Great backgrounds
+Sound Design is great
-Gets Super Hard Quick

    These reviews are not going to be as in depth as the others, these are just my personal thoughts and what I have in my collection.

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