Friday, June 1, 2012

Iron Sky Movie Review

Nazi's in Space

           I had this movie on my watch radar for a long time, but is this movie any good? The simple answer is yes, this movie bills itself on being a Action/Comedy and while it has some great action scenes but the comedy falls flat. Though a few scenes are funny just don't expect to be laugh throughout the whole movie. The story goes like this, just before the destruction of the Nazi's at the end of World War II they created a space program and escaped to the moon to live in exile and to lay in wait. 70 years later they are finally ready to launch their spacekrieg. Whatever you think about the plot this movie is definitely worth a watch simply because the acting is over the top but its actually pretty good. For those of you who don't like subtitles in your movies don't worry there's a mix of English and German and both sound great. Speaking of the action scenes, they are all pretty flashy and cool but whats really great is the last 40 minutes of the movie. This set piece is great, the action is fast and it looks great. Its actually pretty cool to see Nazi tech from World War II going toe to toe with the future tech of the generation in the movie. I'll put it this way, it's like steam punk and future tech clashing its really quite cool. The music is quite good too with pieces reminiscent of tunes from the 40's and techno that can be considered cyber punk stuff. Though I wouldn't buy the soundtrack its still pretty good as a accompaniment to the full feature. 

       Lets talk about the actors for a few, Julia Dietze she's a French actor who is in my opinion super cute. She plays Renate Richter the main heroine, she's great and to see her character sort of transformer in this movie is good. Udo Kier plays Wolfgang Kortzfleisch the main bad guy Uber Nazi, he always plays great characters and this is no exception. Gotz Otto plays the second antagonist Klaus Adler who is more Nazish and is generally a bigger dick then Kier's character. Christopher Kirby plays James Washington a model astronaut sent to the moon on a PR assignment, his interactions with the Nazi's is great and probably one of the main reasons to watch this movie.

   This movie is a original piece that is enjoyable but doesn't take itself to seriously. This is not a perfect movie by any means but it's worth a watch and it will definitely find its own audience. I found this a good movie, maybe you will too.

+Space Nazi's
+Uber cute Dietze
+Space Battles
-Loose Plot

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