Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project X Movie Review

Boobsapaloza isn't even enough to save this one.

        Lets get this straight right off the bat, there is nothing good about this movie. This being a comedy movie there should be something funny about it right? In this case there is nothing what so ever funny with this movie, I didn't even laugh once I was just wishing it would end. To give you the reader perspective, this movie is roughly 80 minutes long which is quite short for a movie nowadays. This movie could have left out the first 40 minutes and gotten straight to the party and it might have been better who knows. Then there is the found footage style this movie is shot in, one of the possibly worst ways to create a movie. It makes the experience even worse, I don't understand why directors are still using it. It wasn't good when it first appeared and it still isn't. 

      Anyway I digress the story is your typical teen movie, a loser Thomas is turning 17 or 18 and has his parents house all to himself. Cue in the douche bag friend from Queens Costa who apparently used to have so much sex in New York that he's itching for some more. Honestly his whole character is unbelievable, but a douche bag is one for life I suppose. Then there's JB your typical overweight teen who wears glass who is also looking for some action. Anyway Costa wants to throw Thomas a party that will be remembered for all time and since Toms parents are not home it means they have the whole area for the party. The story is so cookie cutter that I couldn't help but roll my eyes when I read the tag line for this movie. So the gist of what happens is way to many people show up and things get out of hand. Lots of drugs, lots of booze, and lots of boobs is what ensues for the reminder of the film. I gave this movie a chance because it some how managed to make over 90 million dollars and two because the producer worked on The Hangover a vastly superior film to this one, and one I thoroughly enjoyed and laughed in. 

    To be fair there is maybe one or two parts that I found entertaining, but even those had not been enough to save this train wreck of a film. If you want to see a film that is similar, but vastly superior watch Revenge of the Nerds or Porky's. I wish I could get back the time wasted on this film.

-Poor Script
-Weak direction
-Stupid plot/ Characters
-Too long

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  1. I agree with your point of realism, never in my wild youth did I ever get to enjoy a wicked party like "Project X". I dreamed about it, maybe started planning one in my head. I never dreamed up the image of a yard gnome falling to the ground smashing to pieces; simultaneously a planet full of ecstasy comes spilling out. When I see films that fill me with nostalgia, I watch them on business trips for Dish I feel moved to write down what I have dreamed up. I subscribe to Blockbuster @Home simply because new DVD's coming out are in my mailbox faster than other services. I always love being able to work, and follow my passion for movies at the same time on my routine trips.