Thursday, May 24, 2012

ArmA 2: DayZ Overview

     I've had ArmA 2 for a long time, and never installed it. A few weeks ago I found out about this mod and being a fan of anything zombie related. Though the offering of zombies in this generation is a bit much and with the exception of a few good pieces of fiction the rest is "gutter trash" as I like to say. This is a great mod, even in its alpha stages it is a great game that is based on actual survival then killing zombies. Where other players can be just as dangerous as the zeds. This is not a easy mod, death is always around you and if you don't have enough food or water you will die. Bleeding out, do you have bandages? Too bad guess you'll just die and respawn eventually to try again. Do not expect fast pace action, intelligence and taking your time is the better way to go in this mod. You always start off with a pistol and some rations to keep you alive for a little bit, but its not enough you must either become a scavenger and get in quick and easy with no one the wiser. Be a team player and help other people survive while taking down bandits. Then there's the other end of the spectrum, being a cold blooded bandit. Killing players and looting their goods, while roaming in packs to find the easiest targets. Anyway its best that you try this if you really want to your experience will be vastly different each time. The mod is constantly updated so in a few months it could be finished who knows, its still plenty enjoyable as is.

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