Monday, April 2, 2012

Monster Girl Quest Chapter 2 Review NSFW

I suggest my readers to not read this review if something in the above picture doesn't sit right with you. This review is of a game that is 18+ and contains many sexual scenes with Monster Girls, you have been warned.
          I will say this one more time and then leave the subject, Monster Girl Quest Chapter 2 is a 18+ visual novel created by Torotoro Resistance an independent studio based in Japan. This game deals with a male protagonist getting into various sexual encounters with "Monster Girls". This is a sub-genre that has been gaining popularity for a while now, and contains many elements from other genres. If your still interested then continue reading to get my opinion on the game, and at the end I will include a link to where you can purchase the game trust me its worth it.

      Picking up right where the first left off, we rejoin our fake hero Luka on his quest for monster and human coexistence. Having gathered both Syph and Gnome Luka heads for the other two with his monster companion Alice (who is sexy and cute in which ever form you like). I won't spoil much more then that but what I will tell you is that the story is far better and more exciting then the last time round. Seeing the characters change and adapt to new found outlooks on the world is actually the best part of this game (well one of the best ^_^). Once you acquire all the spirits the banter that goes on between the four is quite great and funny. The ending of chapter two is just crazy, there seems to be so many new Monster Girls to be introduced next game its going to be unreal. The majority of the sex that happens in this game is what we refer to as the game over rape or GOR, which means that if Luka loses to any of the girls she will proceed to rape him. The reason for the Monster Girls raping the human males varies between the species but for the most part they just need male semen, if you really want to know why Google Monster Girl Encyclopedia and read up on it in more detail.
Boobies are the norm in this game, but not just Elf and fairy ones
      Unlike the first game, the seconds art style is vastly improved and its quality is consistent throughout the entire game. All the Monster Girls look great and since there are a ton of different types each is unique and players will eventually find one or two or more that they will like. My favourites are: Neko's, Kitsunes, and the Succubus. My only complaint is that there was only one Neko in the whole game, but your given the option of not fighting her if you wish but still only one and given how the third chapter of the game looks to be panning out we may see less of my favourite Monster Girls. Anyway if the art is this good then when the third and final part hits the art should be fantastic and on the level of most main stream releases. Now for the game play, this game is a light RPG meaning you level up and gain new powers and abilities but these are all determined already and unlock when you reach certain points in the game. The game is not hard to play, but the higher the difficulty is the more luck plays its part.

The Four Spirits
     Bottom line is this, for a game that is independently produced the quality and package as a whole is excellent hands down this game is far better then most main stream releases I have played. Depending on how much you unlock and play this game can take anywhere from 10-30 hours to complete and for a $30 game that is pretty good. Though this is a visual novel so you will be reading a lot which is pretty good considering many people don't read books or much else nowadays.  Anyway I promised a link to where you can buy it so HERE it is, and if you can't read Japanese then Rouge Translations has a full English patch for the game. I suggest buying it so that the final part of the game can be extremely epic, which it looks to already be.

+Long Great Story
+Great Art
+Lots of different sex acts if you enjoy that sort of thing
+Music is actually pretty good
-Not enough Nekos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cat Girls)
-Can be stupidly hard at times
-20+ hours people with short attention spans will miss out.  

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