Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Character Spotlight: Rei Ayanami

          Rei Ayanami, the ones of the faces of Evangelion is another one of my favourite characters in a series that is probably hands down one of the best to have ever been produced. Unlike the previous character spotlights I will not be describing this character too much as it essentially tells the whole story of Evangelion sort of. Though personality wise Rei is distant, choosing to live alone in a bare apartment. She had a strong attachment to Gendo Ikari until later events panned out and she started to drift to Shinji Ikaris side. Many people favour Asuka or even the new character Mari over Rei but I do not. Enjoy the next few pictures and until next time, be prepared for the Third Impact.

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  1. Rei Ayanami evangelion is the first child and pilot of Unit 00. Since she was the first character, she my first collection that i brought at PIJ, among the rest. It was so beautiful in real.