Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 Game Review

             Can Capcom finally live up to the hype surrounding one of it's games, usually that would be an astounding no but this is one surprise that caught me off guard.
            Capcom has finally delivered a very good and very polished fighter, forget about that Marvel 3 fiasco last year. Street Fighter X Tekken is by far their best fighter they have released since in my opinion Street Fighter Alpha 3. This is the complete package with plenty of modes and extras to keep any fighting fan happy for the next few years (or until Tekken x Street Fighter comes). I can't stress enough how awesome and fun this game is you really have to try it out for yourself to really appreciate a game like this. Anyway without further adieu lets get started.

         While some may say this game looks ugly or too much like Street Fighter 4, I have a different opinion. I think the graphic style is fairly well done, I don't think the style is ugly but I don't think its super gorgeous too but it works well and the supers and ultra's look surprisingly cool. The music is your standard techno and some rock tracks, nothing too awesome but overall it isn't as annoying as some of the tracks from MvC3. The sound design is excellent with punches, kicks, and fireballs all sounding unique and painful when they hit your opponent. Overall I think SFxT has a great appeal at least visually and musically, it hits these areas in the right spots and feels unique while being the stuff we have seen in other Capcom games. The roster is huge featuring over 40 fighters that all have a unique playing style, while the Street Fighter side may be familiar to fans they play completely differently then their SSF4 counter parts. While I would have like to see some older characters the roster is still good for Street Fighter. The Tekken side is way better in my opinion and they play nothing like how they play in a Tekken game, but it isn't too hard to figure out and with a little but of practice you'll do well with them. There is supposed a lot of DLC coming for the game and it is confirmed that there will be at least 12 new characters added to the roster in the next few months.

       As stated before there is a good variety of modes for the game, you have your standard Story arcade mode, versus, scramble, and various standard online modes. There is also a spectator mode for online matches and the ability to host rooms without having to actually fight in the matches. There is a great Training mode, a Trial mode, and a Mission mode that add some more depth and longevity to the game. The colour customization is okay for now, but Capcom did say they would release a colour pack for it so that should be worth getting. The biggest controversy in the game was the implementation of bonus granting gems. You have the option of using them or not, the choice is always yours. Though at first it would seem that they could make terrible players better but that is not the case as I have fought online against people who use the easy inputs gems and they still suck just as bad as before. Speaking of online, there are some issue that need to be addressed, the lag is bearable but I have already lost a few matches towards it. The netcode just doesn't seem to be as stable as SCV but I'm sure they'll fix it with time. What bothers me the most is the dropped sound, only in online modes does this happen. You will hear what I mean when I upload some of my online matches to Youtube in the near future. For no reason the sound cuts out or only some sound is heard. I really hope Capcom addresses this issue, but in all honesty I'll probably spend a lot of time in the offline battles.

     In closing, Capcom has made one of their best fighters to date. Nothing recently has come close to what Street Fighter x Tekken is and the fun that is had when playing it, both sides have unique fighters and fighting styles that all have strengths and weaknesses to overcome. Build you perfect team and get ready for the fight of your life.


+Huge Roster
+Fun addictive Game Play
+Many Modes to choose
-Online Stability Issue's
-Sound cuts out online

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  1. While playing this new Street Fighter X Tekken game over at a co-workers house from DISH yesterday, I noticed the fast paced TAG TEAM action. This is not SF4. Don't expect it to play like SF4. It's a brand new ball game. This is a great game for new Street Fighter players or people that are just new to fighting games. I usually rent my games instead of buying them because of how expensive they are nowadays and I do like fighting games, so I added this new Street Fighter game to my Blockbuster@Home queue. A great thing about Blockbuster is that right now you can even try it out for free. Soon the game will be delivered to my mailbox and I’ll be catching up with the rest of the players out there!