Friday, March 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3 PS3 Game Review

             A perfect way to top off one of the best video game series ever. Mass Effect 3 does nearly everything right with just a few things that keep it from being a truly perfect game, but by no means should anyone who is a fan skip this game or people who are interested in a good science fiction game should pass up.

            This will be a spoiler free review so don't worry if you have not played the game and are planning to, for those of you who want to know the story without playing shame on you. Stop being lazy, just kidding. There are plenty of places on the internet that will have the full story for you all too. Lets just say that the story in ME3 is the best in the series, and it also wraps things up nicely. This might be the best science fiction story that has been produced ever, it is that good. The main set pieces is the highlight of the game, big battle's are the name of the game and even bigger enemies will have you marvelling at their massive scope and scale. The best part of this game however is how the handle the characters from the previous games, especially the second game in the series. Their just handled so well that one must see each of them to finally get a true understanding to how each character is defined now that the suicide mission has been finished for some years. With that being said now I think it is time to talk about the visuals and the music.

         Visually the game runs on the same engine the second one did which by no means is it a ugly system, colours and textures look great as do all the characters that are brought o life and realised in this universe. The ships and locales look the best and there is only a little bit of jarriness when you skip through some conversation options other then that this is a solid looking game. The sound design is excellent, all the weapons and ships sound like what we would imagine them to sound like in the future. The different ammo types and weapons all have their own unique sound, which is impressive to say the least. The sound of a reaper laser bearing down on ships is both scary and exciting to say the least. The music in this game is also top notch, and just as varied as the normal sounds you hear throughout your adventures.
        We all know however that beautiful graphics and sound are great but if the game play sucks then the game is garbage. Thankfully this is not the cause as this game mechanics are significantly faster then in the second one. The gun play is significantly better in this version and the cover mechanics are better then ever. But if you are thinking gears of war level then you are wrong. They are in no means bad but using one button for running, dodging, taking cover, and interacting with the world is a bit much but it works. I have only played the soldier class so I can't speak on behalf of the other classes but the skills are way better in this game and offer up more choices for strategic combat. Now accompanying the single player is a new addition to the experience, which is wave based multiplayer survival. While being very simple it is still very hard, though it is fun and unlocking new weapons and powers is relatively the same as single player. Though be sure to play it because it does effect the game more then you know.
I wish she had a bigger role
          Overall this game is by far one of the best this year, or dare I say it ever. While it isn't perfect it is by far the closest thing to it I have ever seen. You should pick it up and enjoy it!


+Best Science Fiction game period
+Strong Narrative, Characters, and Plot
-Some Online stability issues

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