Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Future Plans....

            The future, is actually closer then I think it is at least for me anyway. I've been thinking what I really want to do when this education phase of my life has been completed.

            I've thought this through for many years and I think I have finally figured out what I would like to get into after this dance is done. I'm seriously thinking trying to get a job where I am constantly on the move and travelling from place to place. There are a number of ways to do this, but the one that seems to be the best at least at first glance is a job through a travelling magazine. That for me would be my end goal, getting to travel the world writing for publications about places and people, seeing things most people would never be able too. But with saying that I understand that the possibility of landing a job like that right out of the gate is next to impossible and thats okay, I am more then willing to devote what I have to to make my dreams much more then just superfluous thoughts. The risk is worth the reward in the long run, many people have said that when you pursue a career where travel is constant starting a family and other commitments become harder to manage. My answer is always "I'll get to that hurdle when I get there, no rush" thats all I can really say right now I'm still on the fence about marriage and starting a family but I am nowhere near ready for that responsibility. Anyway I digress, the purpose for this piece was just to give a little titbit into my purposed plans for the future. What actually happens may in fact be different but if the results are the same then I will hopefully be glad.

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