Monday, March 19, 2012

Character Spotlight: Black★Gold Saw

           If I had to choose one character I like more then any other I would have to say Black Gold Saw (BGS). Her appearance is powerful and menacing, she is probably the strongest entity in the Other world save for IBRS. Hit the jump for pictures and more.

Original Concept: (Taken from Black Rock Shooter Wiki)

Black★Gold Saw is a girl with red eyes and long black hair. A red flame shoots out from her right eye. She has a pair of curved black horns whose color turns to red as it reaches the tip. Like Dead Master, Black★Gold Saw also has skeletal claws. Her outfit is similar to Black★Rock Shooter's except for the design of her jacket and her bikini top; her jacket extends into a worn-out cape which is dyed red at the end. Her weapon of choice is a large sword with golden blade and a black saw-edge on its reverse side. It has a long handle with a skull-like object on top and a hilt shaped like a crescent; its name is King Saw.

I think her inclusion in the current anime run is pretty good, she was everything I knew she would be. Though to call her evil or good isn't really right. The Other World doesn't run on that kind of thinking from what can be gathered from the anime and what ever back story can be found in Huke's work. Anyway enjoy the pictures and I will be back soon with more posts.

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