Monday, May 2, 2011

Sankaku Complex: Not so crazy as it seems

I may not be the first person who has talked about this site but I do enjoy the occasional romp through its many many NSFW pages and I have to say while many of my friends don't like the site I find it quite entertaining from time to time.

Now this is kinda a review and kinda just my own opinion (lets face it its a blog) so I threw it into the review category just for s**t's and giggles. Anyway the articles are fair, there's nothing really new about any of the info that is presented especially on current events but what a do like is how each story is presented and I do like the humor that can be found throughout most articles published. The galleries are cool to peruse especially the cosplay ones. Now the main draw of this website for me is the image gallery, now all the ladies will roll their eyes but I do enjoy perusing the nudie pics area and it does make me laugh quite often bur once in a while you will see beautiful non nudie pics that are a treat for the eyes. Anyway this was kinda short but ah well this is my blog and I'll write whatever I please so here's the link and enjoy your stay.

Sankaku Complex: Enjoy Your Stay ^_^

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