Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition Review

Alright so I figured I have put 20 hours (Plus studying for exams and other stuff) on this game so far, and I think I can finally review it. So here it is right after the jump.

So what else can I say about this game that hasn't been covered in the other versions of the game. I'll get this out right away SSF4 3D is a great port of the game and it is very impressive on a handheld. Most of what is found on the console versions finds it's way onto the port (no leader boards yet but here's to hoping that dlc would include this and Evil Ryu/ Oni Akuma). The multiplayer works incredibly well for a handheld game and while I have experienced lag when you switch the region to same almost no lag is encountered depending on your own internet speed. The streetpass function works well and the figurine mode is a cool novel idea that doesn't add or take anything away from the game. This game for the most part works pretty well on the system and while the controls take some time getting use to even nooby players will be able to compete with pros with the inclusion of a lite control scheme. Now many people have complained that this has dumb down the core game play and while I don't disagree with it I still think pro's have the advantage over spammers and amateur players. Executing supers and ultras are esaier but combos take some time to get used to pulling off because of the significantly smaller shoulder buttons but it's not as big of a deal that the bigger video game sites have complained over. The amount of characters in this game is impressive (35 in total) and I do believe that there is room for the four from the arcade version to be added in a latter update. As stated before the game feel's exactly like it did on the console from the visuals to the over-the-top combos and special moves with that being said some of the charge moves have had that limit taken off. Guile for instance has no charge and thus can fire his projectile and flip kick with out delay making for some angry gamers but nothing a true SF player can get around. What I do like is the new dynamic view only found in the arcade mode, it turns the camera behind the player character and at least for me adds a little novel but cool effect to the fights. The backgrounds are static now so no movement in them like the other versions but again nothing to bad. The 3D effect is alright in the game but doesn't really add anything extra to the game which is commonly found on all the launch tittles that have come out. I am however hopeful that Nintendo and more importantly the companies making video games for the system will learn to grasp true 3D play but only time will tell. For people looking for a good game to tide them over until something better gets released for the system this is a good avenue to take. People new to the series should also find something fun to be had in it as well as hardcore fans of SSF4 will find fun and some anger in this game. Lastly here's hoping for the SSF4 Arcade characters edition in this game which is possible and a few extra things and I think this game will be perfect for the system. Lastly I hope capcom brings SF 3 to the 3DS cause I would love to see that game too and you guys/gals can see where SSF4 got most of its core gameplay from.

Game 4/5
Visual 4/5
Audio 4/5
Multiplayer 4/5
Lasting Appeal 4/5
Overall 4/5


  1. 3rd Strike is all I care about, lol.
    There's something about 4 that pisses me off >:O

  2. If and when the make SF5 they better have all the characters in it. ALL of them