Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thoughts on Dollfie, First two months

I have officially had Claire for two months now and what this post will mainly be focused on is how I feel about the whole bjd scene and my thoughts on my future with this hobby. So without anymore beating around the bush lets dive right into it.

Now lets get this straight this is by no means a cheap hobby. So getting into it you will have to be prepared to do away with a pretty big chunk of time and money. Suffice it to say however that if you are willing and like this type of hobby then it is a very worthwhile endeavor. Lets get this straight right from the start, I think this is a great hobby to get into. From the extremely high customization ability of each doll to the great photographs that can be taken from these dolls. I for one think this is a great hobby and will make this my main hobby for the coming years.

This hobby more so then collecting figures seems to be more rewarding to me and offers something more artistic then just the smaller figures. To get back on a earlier point in this post about the cost of this hobby, while it is quite high $400-500 for standard image characters and anywhere from $600-1500 for limited dolls this means that you MUST be willing to invest in the hobby as opposed to a passing fad. Though I had to drop a few of my other hobbies it was well worth it and something that I will probably do again.


  1. And you met some pretty cool folks because of it :)

  2. You're right - I don't stuff my mouth silly at buffets as much as I used to. That used to be an expensive hobby of mine. xD

    These days, I prefer to stuff my daughter's mouth instead LOLOLz