Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Big Planet (LBP) 2 Collector's Edition Review

So LBP2 is like its predecessor: charming, whimsical, cute, fun, and most importantly enjoyable. So with that lets get into it!

LBP 2 is a worthy successor of the LBP franchises for many reasons. If you have played the first then when you insert LBP 2 disc into you console it will ask you if you want to import all your stuff from the original so you won't lose your DLC, levels, or costumes you have accumulated since the original. The graphics are truly HD and you can tell simply by admiring the backgrounds and stages that make up the campaign and levels that others make. Like the original this one offers a campaign which while not being the main reason for playing the game it is a significant  improvement from the original. The developers have given sack thing more tools to use this time around which are the Grabinator, the Creatinator, the Grapple hook, and the Controlinator. These offer a completely new experience and add extra depth to these campaign levels. This time around sack thing gets to do battle with the Negativitron to save craftworld from total annihilation. Along the way you meet many memorable characters (Larry Da Vinci, and Avalon) and some truly funny parts that will make you laugh every time you witness them. There are six distinct worlds to visit and each one is truly unique and quite enjoyable to explore and foul around in with some friends.

Though the campaign is nice this game is really about the creativity of your own mind. and it shows in the community behind this game. Which is far better and more creative then I could ever be. All the user created levels from the first are compatible with the second which is awesome to say the least. Now its still early in the games life so we will have to wait for truly great levels to be made from the second game. Media Molecule have also add the use of Sackbots which are customizable robots that can preform a wide variety of tasks as well as adding depth and collective awesomeness to each level produced with them.

The music is catchy and top-notch I never got bored or annoyed with it, this time around you are also able to craft your own music for levels. While I have not spent much time with it I have heard some good music come from it. There is also the ability to create cut scenes or movies in the game which is a nice feature. We will hopefully be seeing a lot of machinima movies coming from this game.

The Collectors edition comes with two book ends, a sackboy plush, and 11 downloadable costume's which make this CE worth the extra dough. 

In conclusion, this game is incredibly fun and worth investing your time into but be warned this game is not for everyone.

Check out my level's here:

Game 5/5
Visual 5/5
Audio 5/5
Multiplayer 4/5
Lasting Appeal 5/5
Overall 4.8/5

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