Thursday, July 15, 2010

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Japanese Limited Edition Review Part 1

So today I have a two part on my hands, the first part is the limited edition and what you get with it. The second part of the review will be on the game it self. Part 2 will come later on in the week as I have yet to actually play the game because I've not had a chance to yet.

I find that in the Japanese limited editions of games you get a lot more then in the American or European releases. This game is no exception as it comes with an art book, move set book, drama CD, and the most valuable part the Noel Vermillion Petite nendriod limited to only this edition of the game. Meaning if you did not pick this edition up you will never get your hands on this figure, unless you buy it off ebay for ridiculous prices.

Anyway the box art for the game and nendriod is nice, while the CD and books are a bit plain. Being the Japanese edition all the writing is in Japanese, except for the title of the game go figure. For the price I paid I was hoping for a soundtrack as drama CD's are not my forte. I mean let's face it they could have bundled the soundtrack and the drama CD together, oh well listen to me ramble this is still a very good edition and having the nendriod in it is one of the reason one would have to pick this up especially for the die hard BlazBlu fans.

The nendriod itself is very detailed here is a link to my full review of her:
Noel Vermillion petite nendriod review

In conclusion if you picked this one up good for you for everyone else your not really missing much except for the figure. I'll have part 2 of the review up sometime this week so stay tuned. 

Overall 7.5/10

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