Sunday, May 30, 2010

Modnation Racers (PS3) Review

Okay boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen today I felt the need...the need to (and for what its worth race) MOD!

For the past few days I've had the pleasure of enjoying this game. From racing to customizing I've gotten more out of this one game then a lot of the games I've played in the past. Let's start out with the racing aspect of this game. There is a career mode where you race other AI's for car parts and tokens to be used in the Creation Zone. You can also play offline split screen with buddies or test your speed in an off or online hot lap race. The multiplayer portion has a few varieties of races as well, there are XP races and series where you level up your online career. As well as casual races where you can race for fun if you so choose. Now it may just be me but I found that not too many people where playing this online seeing as I have never been able to have a full 12 player race in the few days. I'm hoping more people pick this game up so we can all have full races. The control's are easy enough that they won't make your head spin, especially when you have to drift as they have mapped that function to the square button. For the most part the control's are very tight for a kart racing game. On to the customization side of the game, there is a ton to customize in this game. From racers to carts to tracks you can easily spend hours getting lost in all sorts of parts and colors to make your racers and there vehicles. At first you don't get too much but don't be fooled, even with limited resources your never limited to what you want to create. I figured that one out fairly quick as I was churning out kart after Kart without having unlocked any extra parts. The track editor is actually very robust and lets you create almost anything you desire and it will even auto populate your track if you so wish. The audio in this game is your standard fare, you get the techno racing beats and then you get the cutesy into music that at times may make you a little crazy (we all go a little crazy sometimes). The visual's are stunning, you can tell this is a next gen game as all the materials shine and look like they do in the real world.This is a PS3 game that should not be missed and I beg you to give it a go, you never know how much fun is to be had until you have it.

My gamer profile is StarzkynHutch come race me like right now

Music 7.5/10
Graphics 10/10
Game play 10/10
Overall 9.1/10

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