Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Break: Reuniting with the Family

So as most people know the Canadian thanksgiving is earlier then the American one. So in theory that would make this author Canadian next topic. So I'm back home from University for this weekend (as are most people) and as much as I want to see the family I just don't have the time to. With mid-terms fast approaching and all the readings and assignments I have no time to lolly gag. That is my dilemma I want to enjoy the weekend but my mind is restless. Never the less I did bring some of my books and assignments that must be done so I'll try to accomplish at least the bear minimum (if that's even possible). So as I write this I'm also making a schedule for the weekend: Today I must complete everything, Sunday Thanksgiving dinner, Monday back to Laurier. So I must go and complete what must be done. Toodles!

p.s. Gobble!Gobble!

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