Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blood Brothers Android Game Review

Better then Most

             Ever since I got my Nexus 7 I've spent countless hours finding free games that keep my interest for more then a few days. Trying a lot of collectible card games out I found most to be stale, plain, and uninspired. Blood Brothers was one game I picked up back when I first booted up my tablet and I can safely say that after a couple of months this game can still keep my interest and for me one of the best on the Android OS. Blood Brothers is a game where you collect and build teams of monsters to complete campaigns, events, and fight other players. Its all very simple and while like most of these games it takes a lot of time to amass good units it never gets too tedious. You can spend real money to get stronger units but its quite expensive and isn't really worth the price. There's also the ability to evolve and enhance your units, this can be achieved by sacrificing weaker units, progressing in missions, and in the case of evolving having the same unit as the one going to evolve. There is a trading section where you can put up your rare and above cards to trade for other cards, this is standard fare so its inclusion is obvious. What sets this CTCG apart from the others is its art style and its board game feel, if you like these types of games and have a iphone or android device give this game a try.

Blood Brothers: 7/10
+Nice Visuals
+Easy to learn
+Lots of units
-Time investment
-Super expensive points

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